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How to Control Your Girlfriend – Stunning Ways to Get Her to Do What You Want!

You’re wondering how to control your girlfriend. She’s great. You’re crazy about her but there are things she does that drive you mad. You can live with them but you’d rather change her behaviour because you know it would make the relationship that much smoother. Don’t feel bad about wanting things to be a little different. She probably feels exactly the same way about you. The difference is that once you read this article, you’ll have the insight you need to make her change those little habits and behaviours that you struggle with.

Understanding how to control your girlfriend is all about learning how to push certain psychological triggers within her. If you continually complain about something that she does, she’s probably going to keep doing it because she knows it gets under your skin. A good example is the woman who nags. Most men have been privy to this. They don’t do something that their girlfriend wants so she starts nagging. That nagging continues and gets more pressing every day. You get upset and lash out and the conflict begins.

A much more productive way of dealing with this is to really listen to her. Nine times out of ten, incessant nagging has nothing to do with the subject at hand. She’s likely frustrated about something else and is using the small task she wants completed as a smoke screen. Take her hand, sit her down and ask her genuinely what’s wrong. She’ll immediately be touched that you care and whatever she was nagging you about will be forgotten in an instant.

Intimacy is another hot bed of conflict in many relationships. If you and your girlfriend have settled into a normal pattern of intimacy and it’s not enough for you, you may be the one to start nagging. Learning how to control your girlfriend in terms of intimacy is not that complicated at all.

A woman has to feel emotionally connected to a man in order to desire him. If you are only trying to get physical with her when you want to make love, she’s going to catch onto that pretty fast and it will turn her off. Instead of pushing, try a different approach. Be more loving and attentive outside the bedroom. Hold the car door open for her, reach for her hand when you two are out shopping and bring her a gift every now and again. Small gestures like this will reap you huge rewards in bed.

Reading the next page will dramatically change your relationship with your girlfriend. You’ll no longer have to worry about your future with her.  You can keep your girlfriend.

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