My Girlfriend Dumped Me Out of the Blue! Simple Steps to Getting Her Back

There are moments in life that hit us like a ton of bricks. They are things that happen that we just don’t expect. One of those events is when a woman breaks up with a man without warning. It’s painful, it’s shocking and it’s incredibly confusing. When you’re the man in the middle of this you’re bound to hear yourself saying, “my girlfriend dumped me out of the blue.” Trying to come to terms with the loss of such an important relationship takes effort and time. For some men it’s too challenging as they still have very strong feelings for their ex. If you can’t let go of your ex girlfriend and you truly believe a future with her is what you desire, don’t give up on her. You can regain your closeness and recreate the bond you two shared if you understand how to make that happen.

If your girlfriend dumped you out of the blue you’re bound to wonder whether there’s another man involved. There may very well be. Many women actually dump a boyfriend quickly if they discover they have an attraction to a new man. They feel conflicted and instead of talking to their current boyfriend about their developing feelings, they dump him and jump headfirst into something new. If you have gotten wind of the fact that your ex already has a new guy, you can safely assume he was on the scene before she broke up with you. You need to acknowledge that she does have an attraction to someone else if you hope to steal her back.

Regardless of whether your ex did indeed dump you suddenly because there was a new guy or not, the first thing you need to do is to apologize. You have to take ownership for your part in the relationship crumbling. You may think you were the ideal boyfriend but truth be told that if you were, she’d still be with you. It’s very hard to look at ourselves with a critical eye but it’s paramount if you want to get her to want you back again. The apology you offer should be sincere and simple. There’s no need to get her a bouquet of flowers and this isn’t an occasion where you need to beg for her forgiveness. Simply tell her that you have regrets.

Taking on the role of a supportive and non-judgmental friend is also a great way to regain her affection and adoration. All women love having a male friend they can count on and most women are open to that man being an ex boyfriend. By establishing yourself in her life as a trusted friend you’ll be connecting with her again in an emotional way. It’s a very fine line between love and friendship so if you are patient and persistent you can expect her to fall back in love with you while you prove what a great friend you are.

Confused about how to win her back? Saying or doing one wrong thing can impact your future with the woman you love.

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